Saturday, 17 January 2009

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  1. Hi Rosa: I love your site and the video clip and sample pages are really informative. Of course, I have your book and it's a great method.

  2. Hi Rosa,
    Every time I check your blog, you've uploaded more goodies and given us more peek of your book. It's really exciting!

    Of course, I know about the jewels in your book (and the other books in the works.) I hope many others discover your little "baby", so they can share in the joy, love, and discovery that you found in piano playing.

  3. Hi Rosa, it's me! Love your site and your lessons and videos. Finally I can now learn to play the piano well after you have shown me those tiny steps that teachers don't have the patience to show us. ;)

  4. Hey Rosa,

    You're a very good writer too...I already knew how well you play piano. I look forward to reading more!

    Pop from PM

  5. Rosa, what a beautiful thing you have done here. Yours is a great method. I will be coming in here again.

  6. Hello, Rosa -

    This is a very forthright and interesting presentation of not only your perspectives on piano - but also your philosophical position on many things. This open sharing will bring many people closer to you and therefore possibly open their minds to looking at learning piano in a new and different way. You have done an absolutely marvelous job of putting this together! Bravo!!


  7. Wonderful writing here, Rosa! Your clips show how to bring more piano magic to the world in a very personal and non-intimidating way. I love the way your videos show each step slowly and clearly. This is going to be a gem when it becomes available. Hopefully soon!!

    Freeply from PM

  8. Hey Rosa,

    This is exactly what I need and your personal touch through your writing, expression, and video clips are A1. Everything is so clear. Much better than what many people offer out there. Your heart is in this, I can tell. Rosa, you're doing good.


  9. Hi Rosa;
    The Videos are great. The sample pages from the book look like they would be a big help to everyone too. Like the others have said, you have done a fine job setting this all up. Nice to find this kind of help in our Piano journeys.


  10. Hi Rosa,

    your story is very inspiring and the book looks very good, I can't wait to get it.


  11. Hi Rosa,

    EXCELLENT is the ONLY word to describe your Website --your Instructions--and your Playing. You will be helping a LOT of New Students (and old) gain some New Understanding in playing the piano.

    I wish you ALL the BEST and Congratulate you on a JOB VERY WELL DONE!!