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Testimony & Feedback

I am very grateful for many musicians who have taught me how to Play by Ear and how to Improvise. They are: Robert Laughlin, Joseph Chi, Michael Anderson, Yoke Wong, James Michael Stevens, Peter Friesen, and the late Professor David Sudnow. During my learning process, they have all given generously of their time listening to my recordings and sending critiques in both written and audio form to help me improve on my piano playing.

Robert, your visit to HK is always remembered close to heart. I've also made a lot of piano friends through Piano Magic and Piano World because many of us have been there for years to grow together musically. It had been a great desire for me to learn how to play by EAR and the first course that did it for me was PIANO MAGIC. I recommend this course to all who want to play by ear.

I have invited my piano teachers (in these last 5 years) to come to my site. They have all had a part of building up my musicianship. They've helped me find my unique style. This site is a result of all their labor, plus many many other musicians whom I am unable to name one-by-one but they know who they are. Thank you. So I reserve this place where I post the letters of what teachers and students say about my site and the book. Thank you for taking the extra effort to write to me personally.

Hi Rosa,

I've looked over your materials and I think your doing and are going to do a great job with this! You obviously have a passion for it and communicate it clearly and effectively. I like the "CCI" concept as well and your ability to interject your personality in your writing in a very pleasing way.

I really like what you've done. It's very impressive! I like the personal tone you use which I believe will be just right. You present a lot of good music theory in a non-threatening manner. I've planned for a long time to write an improvisation book, and I think you may have inspired me with your very diligent and creative work.

Your book is done in a most excellent way! I highly recommend the creative and inspirational techniques of Rosa Suen for church pianists wanting to improve their improvisational skills for worship!

I want you to know that I think you are on to something and I pray that God blesses your work!


James M. Stevens, DMA
Chairman of the Music Department
Free Will Baptist Bible College
3606 West End Ave
Nashville, TN 37205


Hi Rosa:

I am impressed by the amount of work you did.

You've got a wonderful product there. You should be proud.

Robert Laughlin


Hi Rosa:

If we could only turn back time to the days when I first learned to play piano....this would be my wish:

To have available to me this wonderful book and DVD "Playing Piano with Rosa". This method would have enabled me to play piano the way I wanted to from the very beginning but instead I learned music thru traditional methods and only in the last few years learned to play by chording and by ear or using fake books and being able to put my own rhythms and chords to the music.

This method will allow everyone, whether beginner or more experienced player, to learn about music theory and the traditional things that everyone must know, but it also allows you to make beautiful music right from the beginning. Rosa's Dvd has video clips, mp3 and midi clips so that you can see exactly what she is teaching and how to play it, plus you can play along with her as well.

Thanks to Rosa's Color Chord Improvisation Method teaches us, right from the beginning, how to play these hymns using the styles you choose to play them. Plus the really neat thing about this method, is that it applies to almost all types of music not just hymns. What you learn here you can apply to other songs as well so the fun really gets spread around to whatever you want to play. Book 1 is just the beginning of where the fun starts as there are more to come.

Wonderful method, Thank you Rosa,

Alene Thornton,
Salem, Oregon


Dear Rosa,

Congrats on the publication! I am excited for you! Way to go!
Thank you for thinking about me. Good job on the new product!

Your book is loaded with great information. I am especially touched by your foreword and your desires to help other church pianists. I am most impressed with your materials and the amount of time you spent into developing the course. It is a very thorough and well laid-out. I enjoy reading it.

The keyboard diagrams and many pictures are very appropriate and useful. I also like the mp3/midi files provided. It would be extremely helpful to your audiences.

I wish you the best for your effort and ministry!

God bless!

Yoke Wong

Harmony and Melody Studio,
Inc160 W. FootHill Pkwy Ste,
105-65Corona, CA 92882


The following letter is from my high school teacher, Mr Epp, in Killarney.

Hi Rosablanca,

I am impressed with your work and all the help your expert friends gave you. With all the effort so many people made, the book must be a masterpiece. The fact that you believe deeply in what you are teaching comes through clearly. You write passionately and vividly. I hope that many benefit both musicly and spiritually from your book. You have indeed embarked upon another major project. I admire your energy and drive.

May the Lord continue to bless you as you minister and share your knowledge of piano playing with others.

Take care.
Vancouver, British Columbia


Rosa: You have obviously put a lot of work into your site and your book and it shows. The layout looks great and the instructions are clear and concise. Congratulations on such a great achievement.

Peter Friesen
Richmond B.C.


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  1. Rosa: You have obviously put a lot of work into your site and your book and it shows. The layout looks great and the instructions are clear and concise. Congratulations on such a great achievement.

    Peter Friesen
    Richmond B.C.